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Entropy 1 + 2

13x25x13, 12x25x12cm

Oil Paint, Hydrogel, Glass Boxes

These works feature designed entropy, degradation through chemical reaction, and physical manipulation.

The first is a dilute oil paint injected into a gel with a high alcohol content. The alcohol gel gradually breaks down the paint into smaller and smaller particles.

The second is a painted cube grid in white and black in an an extremely thin gel. This gel also has a high alcohol content, but this time a polystyreme ball is included so viewers can turn the piece over on its end and make the ball rise through the gel and paint.

With the entropy works I wanted to produce objects that were more than simple pieces; these  are environments that are wholly unsuitable to the paintings inside them, destroying the careful constructions they are built to contain. A closed system will always move towards entropy…just very fast in these cases.


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