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Arron constructs worlds inside glass boxes, fully three-dimensional oil paintings made with syringes instead of brushes, that feature a transparent gel in place of a more traditional surface.


Arron Kuiper is a Welsh-born artist who practices in North Wales and studied at Cardiff School of Art. He is best known for his singular and pioneering technique of sculptural oil painting, which has earned him multiple awards including the ING Discerning Eye and Beep Painting Biennial. His work has been widely shown across the U.K. in galleries such as The Mall, Museum of Somerset, and Cardiff Museum offsite projects, and has also featured in numerous publications including a-n Magazine, Vice, and Business Insider.


His work is incredibly varied stylistically and conceptually due to the continued experimentation and refinement which has been part of his practice for over a decade. From complex chemistry to inventing his own tools and entire methodologies, to experimenting with form, shape, texture, and colour, Arron continues to push the limits of paint, freed of surface and gravity.

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