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Pystyll Rheadr

2016, 15x20x35cm

Sculptural Oil Painting

This work was produced specifically for the Beep International Painting Prize, the given theme being 'This must be the place I never wanted to leave'.

Pystyll Rhaeadr is a local waterfall I have visited since I was a child, and is a place that (like a lot of Welsh countryside) is straight out of a fairy tale. Needless to say it has a lasting hold upon me, yet in many attempts in many mediums I have failed to capture it as it sits in my mind. I wanted to combine a sense of my shining childhood memories with the physical actuality of the site, so to achieve this I employed a number of little tricks: including different textures, working in forced perspective, and utilizing bold colours helped communicate a sense of the place I carry with me and experience each time I return.

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