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Lock Up


Hydrogel, Oil - 35x20x10cm, 2020


Lockdown has been a time of shifting perceptions in notions of space, reality, the human psyche, and society in general. Through the loose and surreal landscape of  a house in lockdown, the artist seeks to communicate the actuality of lockdown as experienced by the individual. The enlarged head, for instance, is indicative of where the person mostly lives; the stairs and front door barely exist and are subject to unknown presences hanging in the air. Allegorical motifs and references abound throughout. The bed upon which the figure reposes is mere lines, whereas the grass beneath, which represents the allotted one hour of outdoor exercise, is in colour and inhabits physical space, providing more comfort, and far more substantial, than the bed (much like how the phone contrasts with the pink T.V. screen and the 'windows' of blue sky). The figure's attention, however, is turned elsewhere, perhaps to the cartoonish O.A.P. or the figures above the television referencing the C19 Project. The work is, in short, an impossible physicality describing the "new normal" reality to which we all are subject.

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